Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy)

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You worked hard on your novel, and you must believe that it has value, because if you believe it does, then readers are more likely to believe it. In my opinion, a 99 cent novel except during short promotional periods is a flashing sign that tells the reader that they may end up getting what they pay for. Have you noticed changes to self-publishing since you started? Oh, my God, yes. Here are just a few:. There are millions more self-published authors now than there was when I started. The competition is cut-throat and fierce! The opportunities for enhanced content for e-books are exploding.

You can read about a memorial service video I created, produced and embedded in my best-selling novel Sleeping Beauty here or you can simply watch the video itself here. Do you think there are any particular new trends that are emerging? Enhanced and interactive content within e-books.

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This is definitely a big one. I would consider myself a hybrid author. Self-published authors taking control of and monetizing subsidiary rights. For example, instead of waiting for an audiobook deal to come along, I simply hired voice talent Leah Frederick to voice The Frog Prince myself it should be out later this month on Audible. I negotiated the contract myself. This not only allowed me to keep the audio rights, but my royalties are much, much higher than if I had sold my audio rights to another company. This gives me yet another revenue stream.

If so, how do you go about overcoming that impression? Of course! Besides, the market usually very quickly takes care of sub-standard self-published books all on its own. I would love a sequel to the The Frog Prince! Will you ever write a sequel? They will never be more in love, never have better sex, and never be in better shape than they are in Chapter What happens next? They get married, he starts leaving his dirty underwear on the floor, she never puts the lid on the toothpaste, they both let themselves go, and over the next 20 years they slowly start to despise each other.

If they have children, it happens in half the time. They have a baby? Been done. Their pending nuptials are threatened? The kingdom comes under attack by Mongol warriors transported through a wormhole?

The Frog Prince

Hmm … maybe. Stephanie Meyers abandoned it about half-way through after one of her friends leaked it on the internet but she put it on her website so you can still read as much as she wrote before she quit. I actually enjoyed Midnight Sun far more than I did Twilight. In any case, I began writing Gilding the Lily -pad on June 29, and plan to publish it at the end of July in honor of the three-year anniversary of the publication of The Frog Prince. You can read Chapter one of Gilding the Lily -pad here.

In March of , she published an alternate ending version of her rom-com Sleeping Beauty in response to fan feedback. And guess what? One lucky person who comments will get her or his! So you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Go go go! Another great example of why not to give up and not to settle for the traditional way of doing things. Oh wow! I love how you still find the time to frequently interact with your readers. Elle, you are a trail blazer. With this interview,, people may be able to follow a path to being successful like you! Your determination is admirable!

Keep writing. Impressed with the information she shares here, and with the work she puts in to complete her very entertaining novels.

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I ha e them all and they are my favorites. I Love The Frog Prince!! Awesome stories! Thank you Elle for not giving up!! And thank YOU for reading all of my books! The world is a strange place, my friend! Pretty much the best Christmas present ever! Thanks so much, Katrina. Elle- Thank you for so much great advice. Your books fun to read and I recommend them to everyone! I have been batting around what direction to go when I publish and this really helps me. I even sent the information to someone that thinks they know it all. Does anyone really ever know it all? Thank you!

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NO, and if anyone tells you they do, you should immediately stop listening to them. Elle,I hope you had a great 4th. The interview was very informative. I had no idea what went into what you do. Beautiful writing from a beautiful author. Thank you very much for your kind words, Shannon. You are very welcome. Love to get to know the person behind the curtain…thanks for sharing your story with us. Do you think you will ever try to publish your thrillers, now that you know how to with the ebook market?

The thriller that was almost published is actually available on Amazon. Great article! So interesting to learn just how much is involved! It really is so neat to get a glimpse into the personality personalities? Thanks Elle! Thank you, Rachel. I will be sharing this article with all of my writer friends.

We are at different places in the process, and you have given advice appropriate for all of us. Thank you so much. I am feeling both energized and overwhelmed. Thank you for passing the article along! I loved it! I read the preview for Alice in Wonderland, and The Frog Prince, and was so excited to read a story that takes place in the place a grew up. Reading a Denver author, a really great Denver author, is reassuring when there is so much crap out there right now.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Elle! Great advice for potential independent authors!! I am always happy to share my experiences and I thank you for your very kind compliments, Shelby! I love hearing from fellow Denverites, especially after they read The Frog Prince. Thank you, Melissa!

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A question. Do you illustrate your own covers? Do you hire someone to draw the images for you? I am struggling with this right now. Is there a checklist of questions that you can ask that can guide you in determining the genre of what you have written? Good question, Vera. Yes, I design my own covers. No, I do not illustrate the graphics nor do I hire someone to draw the images; they are simply stock graphics from various sites on the internet. For example, the frogs on the covers of The Frog Prince and Gilding the Lily-pad as well as the lily-pad on the latter itself are from Shutterstock.

Designing a cover is not hard. Three years later, I still design covers in PowerPoint. Open a new PowerPoint file and save it. A dialogue box will pop up. Change the slide size to width 5. Add title art and other embellishments such as blurbs. You will see a drop-down arrow next to your newly re-pasted cover. What a great way to learn more about the lady that is quickly becoming one of my favorite self publishers.

Anxiously awaiting the next book. I have read other self published books, and the errors drove me crazy! Keep up the good work, Elle! And this is what self-published authors must avoid at all costs and no matter what it costs, quite frankly. Thank you for sharing your perspective, Carmen! This is great information. Thank you for always sharing what you know. I completely agree with Elle about her book covers.

Thank you, Heather. Find out more by visiting her website at www. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

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Although Gilding the Lily-pad is a standalone novel, it is highly recommended that you read The Frog Prince first. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Elle's first self-published romantic comedy- The Frog Prince-became an Amazon bestseller in December , a distinction it kept through the summer of when it peaked at 2 on Amazon's Top List for Humor. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review.

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Related Searches. Each sheet introduces a new character in bold, easy-to-read type, with pronunciation, meanings, stroke order, and four compounds illustrating usage. Five minutes View Product.

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Alice in Wonderland. When high school math teacher Alice Faye Dahl attends a Texas Hold'Em home poker tournament, she doesn't know a royal flush from a toilet flush. Four months and dozens of wins later, she's one of the Final Nine--the championship table Blank Pages Sketch book, Extra large 8.

Blank Pages Sketchbook, Extra large 8. These are exciting and different, warm and wonderful details. It's Tea Time is gorgeous.

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    Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy) Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy)
    Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy) Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy)
    Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy) Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy)
    Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy) Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy)
    Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy) Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy)
    Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy) Gilding the Lily-pad (a Romantic Comedy)

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