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Sold To The Werewolf. Strange Erotic Tales a smoking hot paranormal erotica collection. This episode is being brought to you by our podcast Patreon community. We have a podcast Patreon. Your support means the world to me. It is patreon. I have so many cool interviews scheduled in the next few weeks. I also wanted to take a moment and thank some of the Patreon folks personally.

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So to Jeremy, Malia, Emilia, and Erin, thank you so much for being with, part of the podcast Patreon community! Are there other ways you can support the podcast? Of course there are! It is so cool. I will have information at the end of the podcast, as well as a terrible joke in the outro, so you can listen after the interview and be horrified by my terrible, terrible jokes.

I will also have links to all of the books that we mention — of course there are several — as well as different places to help you find books by type and links to different things that have happened on the site in case you missed them. And now, if Orville is not too bothered by me, you know, moving all of his catness over — if you ever go on Instagram, my Instagram is sarah. Either way, my entire Instagram feed is orange, because I take so many pictures of the cats and of the dogs, and lately, if Orville is on his back on my desk with his belly in the air, I take a video of it, so if you need a break and you would like some virtual Orville, you can go to Instagram.

On with the podcast! Sarah: [Laughs] I would just like you to know that here in the metro DC area, we have less than an inch of snow, but school was cancelled. Sarah: And my next-door neighbor, who is from western Mass, and I were outside shoveling, and she was so angry. Like —. Sarah: — this is ridiculous.

The roads are clear. There is less than an inch. I can see the grass! Like, I thought she was going to be able to melt the snow with the power of her outrage.

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Amanda: Hell, yeah! I made my own SpaghettiOs the other day. Amanda: Yeah, it was really good! It made a lot of food for just one person? Amanda: So I froze some of it, and then I saved some of it. It was pretty good!

I mean, meatballs and pasta and sauce and cheese: what could go wrong with that? Sarah: So, we watched The Bachelor. Amanda: We did. Sarah: Except for when Krystal gets eliminated; like — [laughs] — you want to tune in for that. Like, my anxiety brain did its thing, like, waking me up at three in the morning: you know what we should do right now? We should think about The Bachelor. Like, really, no, brain, we should really not. Amanda: — forty-five minutes last night thinking about what I would do if I were selected to go on The Bachelor.

Would I be, like, the chill, cool girl? Sarah: So the thing that I realized about The Bachelor is that it is both incredibly wrapped up in a very heteronormative, patriarchal portrayal of courtship, which we kind of knew —. So if I was going to be awake thinking about The Bachelor , I realized that, so you have this very patriarchal, heteronormative courtship where all these women are locked in a house, ostensibly competing for this guy. Like, how many hearts did you get?

How many do you have? Did you kiss him? Like, in line to talk to him? Sarah: Or to make out with him, ew! Amanda: The secondhand embarrassment and the things these women have to do —. Like, you will never be in these situations in a normal courtship, like, if you met someone at a bar. Like, what is the point of making them train dogs for a show or wrestling with each other in over-the-top costumes?

Like, what is the point of this? Sarah: Yeah, well, you know, free trips from ABC, free whatever. Like, that first shot of the episode that we watched, they were all, like, piled together like puppies on the couch, and —. Like, that, to me, illustrated some degree of actual closeness, and the fact that — what was the girl in the vineyard? Was that Lauren S? Lauren S. Amanda: Yeah! When she went home, one of the girls was super upset! One of the women —. Sarah: — and they showed a lot of Bibiana with her friend, Tia?

You know what I mean? Sarah: Yeah. Like, he never asks them questions about themselves, and then they either, either start, like, unloading their relationship history, but only a few of them ask them about him?

Oh, my God! Amanda: Yeah. Sarah: Was it really that hard to kiss her, you jerkwad? Really, was it that hard? He practically made out with the telescope and the couch. And I just felt so bad, and then she went back. She was like, I need some clarification. Which, I mean, good for her, but it was just, oh, it was painful. Sarah: — on one hand, she got sort of excused from the show on her own terms, not in front of everybody, not in front of the whole room of other women.

She left on her own terms by herself and, you know —. Like, their stuff is all there, except for poor Lauren S. Sarah: — who, like, disappeared like, like she was some sort of suitcase. Amanda: Well, I wonder if they preemptively, like, pack up all their stuff before the rose ceremony. Amanda: I know, to have to, like, pack your stuff up every week. Sarah: Pack and unpack, pack and unpack.

Sarah: Imagine being in that gigantic house with all of those couches. Like, how many, how many phone cord chargers are in the cushions of one of those couches?

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Like, ten, right? Like, you probably dig through them and find, like, iPhones with the long, wide connector, the flat one for your iPod. Sarah: That was on camera, no. I honestly do not want to watch again because it just, it made me feel so unpleasant, and it gave me anxiety brain, because it was just so much unkindness and so much lack of care. Can I make you some soup? This is terrible! You know, get as far as you can on the one-on-ones and then bail.

Get at least two vacations. Amanda: I almost lost my mind when I realized it was two hours. Amanda: I was like, I thought I was only signing up for an hour of this! Sarah: I thought the same and was devastated. Like, I, I was there for all of the wrong reasons for that one. Amanda: [Laughs] Well, it was so, it was bad. I, I hope we never have to do this ever again. Amanda: Please, Elyse, do not make us do this ever again. Amanda: I will give you whatever you want to reschedule future vacations. Sarah: Okay. Are you okay? Sarah: — is totally in the right mindset for this.

I, I want —. Like, all of my abs have had their own abs, I have cringed so much. Sarah: I have, like, a nineteen-pack of abs from all this cringing. You like what you like. This is just clearly, this is not for me. So shall we get started with our letters? Sarah: So this week we have an advice letter, which is new, and we have a request for recommendations that comes with a bit of a sad story. Sarah: — the first email is from Katie from Powder Springs, Georgia, and she writes:.

First things first: much love to all of you at Smart Bitches. I have the most fun listening to your podcasts. I love how all of the fans who comment, call, and interact with the site are so supportive of each other and women. Does anyone in your group have any advice? Where do you go? And how do I go about meeting all the Smart Bitches that are near me? Dude, this is, this is hard. This is hard no matter how old you are. So the game that we were playing was called Betrayal at the House on the Hill , I think? Amanda: And I had never played this game before, and they were very patient in explaining things to me and making sure I understood the rules or if I messed something up, so it was a really good experience, and I plan on going again.

Meetup also has local book groups. So I highly suggest Meetup for a website to find people who are interested in the same things you are?

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Another suggestion is check your local bookstores and libraries. A lot of them have events that are free or book groups that are free. I know my local library has a, a drop-in knitting club where you just come and bring your knitting or your crafts and hang out at the library. Sarah: — where you have, like, a knitting group or a stitching group is that the repetitive — for me, anyway — the repetitive action of stitching or knitting or whatever it is soothes a lot of my social anxiety, because I have a thing to do, so I can do that thing —.

Sarah: Yes. And it gives you something to do with your hands. Amanda: Yes. And then there are so many different book clubs in my area. You might have, like, a local mystery book club, that sort of thing. But like I said before, I highly recommend just kind of doing stuff on your own, and you might meet people that way, just, like, going to the movies by yourself, checking out, like, a craft fair by yourself.

I know it can be hard moving to a new place and wanting to see and do new things, but you feel better doing them with someone? Amanda: And it, it takes a while to get out of that. Like, oh, well, is it weird if I go eat by myself or see a movie by myself? Amanda: And I actually like it! So maybe do that, and then you might meet someone on the way, but definitely check out local communities. Amanda: — so you can kind of get a feel for the general personality of the group.

Now I emailed a friend of mine who I know lives outside of Atlanta, but Atlanta, living outside of the Atlanta — if you see — [laughs] — if you see two people who live outside of Atlanta, they could be, like, three hours apart, because outside of Atlanta is a lot of land. If she wanted, if you wanted to organize a reader meetup, you could have people meet in the city as a central spot. The other thing I would suggest is going to look at your local library and seeing what options they have for, for people who, like, what do they, what book clubs do they have, what discussions do they have?

My local library has a butt-ton of programming. If you wanted to learn another language, you can join a language club. If you want to talk about books, the library is a really good place where people generally like to do that. Amanda: Also, talking to librarians or even, like, booksellers at your local bookstore, they can also tell you —. Sarah: Oh, yes. The other thing that I think that also works is that I have a lot of friends that are very far away.

Sarah: — what are, what, what are some advice that you have, what are some pieces of advice that you have for making dates with people who are local to you? Like, say you make a couple friends. What are some pieces of, of advice that you would have for making and keeping dates with friends?

Amanda: So we, as I mentioned before, we have a monthly dinner that we always do. We pick a restaurant. Amanda: But at the end of the dinner, every single time, we all whip out our phones —. Amanda: — and look at our calendar and pick the next date. Sarah: Yep.

I call it the dentist method. So I, I call that the dentist method: always make the next appointment before you leave that one. We all have different interests, so, you know, I might, my friend Christina loves to cook. The Rococo Room. When bad boy Matt leaves the small town of Port Canatangua, Delia follows him to the big city. Until then, Delia takes a dingy little apartment and a position as a security guard at the art gallery. What better place than a dream to find the man of her dreams? Email This BlogThis!

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Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica) Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica)
Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica) Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica)
Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica) Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica)
Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica) Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica)
Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica) Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica)
Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica) Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica)
Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica) Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica)
Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica) Double Stuffed Coed 2: Best Friends Forever (M/F/M/F menage erotica)

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