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29 Signs You’re Living a Complete Lie

So I'm like, why the fuck not? I'm going to live the life exactly I want to live. So even my parents, my family, some of my closest friends tell me that I can't do it and that I'm not creative enough and that I'm not a good enough dancer. So I'm fighting to prove all those people wrong. I'm in my head every single day. My reactive thoughts when I see myself in a video or whatever, it's negative. Like I just nitpick everything. And I think that'll be a blessing and a curse eventually.

But I'm just trying to really work on it. That's why I prioritize self-love and mindfulness and why sometimes I have to not hang out with anybody for a whole day if I really need to, you know? Positivity is absolutely everything to me. I think because I'm a dancer, I've become so in touch with myself and my body that I listen to my body a lot more than my mind because I have fucking tapped in the head like I can't.

My mind races all the time. So if I feel something and my mind's thinking something else, I always go with my body. So if I feel a negative energy, I know that I have to kind of channel that and figure out why because positivity is the only way that I can come out and have a successful and productive day.

Shout out! Because of my self-deprecation, I really need people.

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I am constantly like, "Nobody fucking even loves you. They're not even real. Everyone's sucks. Everyone has bad intentions. So you just kind of don't give anyone the benefit of the doubt sometimes. My family, my parents and my closest friends help me fight. I keep a really small circle. I'm an extrovert and I can talk to anyone and I love people, but I also really can't stand people. Not everyone's rooting for each other because they have their own lanes and their own small circles. YORK: As you're going through this fight, you're fighting for all these different things.

There's obviously barriers, down times, and shit that doesn't go your way. What are some of those obstacles that you face and how do you overcome them?

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And the other half come from I mean, being in street wear as a female and being a female who likes things that aren't technically girly. I love my girly girl stuff, but I grew up with brothers playing sports outside and getting scraped up and wearing their clothes. Being a tomboy and hanging out with the boys, you're really cool and can hang, but once you kind of try to be involved and make space for yourself and pave your own lane, they kinda just get taken aback. Maybe it's like intimidation or them being scared that we might come in and take over their shit. But I think that the only way is to work together.

And I mean, I can't give up because it's like if we're really talking fighting, like Muhammad Ali never gave up at the 12th round. You got to just give it your fucking best. And even if it feels like it's the 12th round and you're going to pass out and faint, like just wait to pass out and faint until you get through that thing. You know? And I think that just reminding myself that I want to leave the world better than I found it.

I try to see that there's a bigger purpose for the things that I'm doing and I know that we're all stardust. I just want to spread as much light and love and positivity through the things that I'm doing.

And if it makes an impact on somebody else, that's better. It gives me purpose and makes me feel like I can leave this Earth and feel good about it. I don't remember a time in my life where I wasn't driven, doing my own thing, a rebellious spirit. I will do what I want to do. I'll figure out a way to do it my way and to fight for what I want. I'm going to do exactly what I want to do and it's worth it because I will never spend another day not happy with what I'm doing and feel like someone else is controlling my life, you know?

My fight is worth it to me because it makes me feel like this is really my life and I am doing the most with it that I can, as authentic as I can. Literally everything. Working hard is fighting for something. Just like with Muhammad Ali, the people that are the greatest work the hardest. And the people that end up doing great things, like Nelson Mandela -- he didn't half ass his job to liberate the people of South Africa. Hard work is basically everything in a fight. You're not going to win if you don't work hard. And I wanted a reminder of doing this shoot. YORK: We love how honest you are.

Are you comfortable talking about that a bit more? Fuck it. I hate that it's stigmatized the way that it is. Actually, it's funny because it goes with what I was saying about hard work. There was a period in my life where I kind of lost control of my life and who I was and I was doing things because people said that they didn't like it or they liked it. And so I think that I just got lost. The future was so unknown, which it obviously always is anyway, but…. When you're in any relationship, whether it's romantic or platonic, and somebody is trying to control you because they're not secure with themselves.

I went through one of those periods and it really, really just deteriorated my soul to be honest. And I woke up every day with feeling sick and I knew it, in the pit of my stomach. That's why I'm so much about energy. And with my anxiety and depression, I know if I'm in a room and I feel something, I need to leave and I need to listen to that. Just because other people want me there, just because my friends want me to be at a party, it doesn't mean I'm going to go or stay. Like I'm that friend that says,"I have anxiety, I want to go home.

This current state of the world is even more depressing. And seeing everybody and my brothers and sisters and people of color and women and the youth and even senior citizens, everyone is just getting shit on basically. You get in your head and you're like, "What the fuck is the point? What is the point of the world? Why is it worth it? I could die tomorrow and it wouldn't change anything. The world would keep turning.

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But that's why I've tried really hard to externalize that and make it more about living my life for the people that come after me. Again, I want to leave the Earth better than I found it. And so, if I'm living for other people and I just want to spread love, which is my goal in life, that helps me battle the depression and anxiety of being anxious about death. Like, are you kidding? I went out doing something I didn't even want to be doing for someone I don't even fuck with that heavy. I'd be rolling over in my grave. So that's why I make it a thing.

I want to go to bed every night knowing that I have control over my own life and who I am and I'm going to be unapologetic about it. Some people think I'm annoying and I'm obnoxious and I'm loud and I'm too outspoken and opinionated. And that fucking is hard, like especially in a male-dominated world and male-dominated industry like fashion and street wear and sneakers. They don't think you have a place, you don't have as much validity. But I just don't care anymore.

And so often I go through a depressive state, like almost every single day. It'll change like that. But a lot of times it's the positivity. It's like, I know mentally that I can tell myself this is a physical thing. It's energy. You're just in a depressive state. There's literally nothing that went wrong with your day. You are a strong, independent, young woman. Blah, blah, blah. And it's just positivity. We're all born with instincts about how to live.

If you go away from those innate feelings you may feel bad; you'll hurt, be ashamed and even get angry. When I look back on my life I sometimes cringe thinking about some of the things I said and did. Wishing I could change it. Well you can. That's the gift. The bad feelings are your internal, ethical GPS letting you know that the direction you went in was unjust to someone or something or yourself. It's an opportunity because you can always change how you see it, grow and be different. Never do it again. In life there are no mistakes. Everything is a learning experience which helps you know how you can be true to yourself.

But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying. When you're true to yourself you're also true to other people. And in being true to others you're being true right back at yourself. It's an inseparable dance of ethics. Sure you'll be finding your way. Sometimes you'll slip, falter, fall down and completely fail but that is perfectly OK because it's these life lessons that make you the person you are; they build and hone the essence of you and help you choose the real YOU. To be true to yourself means never to lessen the meaning of who you are.

Never to be partial. Never living two different ways. Often I say to my coaching clients -- find out what you want. Because when you know exactly what you want in life then you'll be able to go after it full force and that means being true to yourself, living in integrity and trusting in a self-purpose that sets you free, guides and leads you to be your true self and live your heart felt dreams, even while you're in process and working to change.

I'm still becoming Michael.

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Still discovering who I am and working at being true to myself. It's an exhilarating way to live and I've discovered one mighty and liberating fact -- it's OK to be me and to want to be true to myself! Remember -- you're the game changer - you're in charge -- you're the boss of you -- you set the ground rules and boundaries -- no one else has that superb power or pleasure. No one else ever should. Live your truth. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The words feel good to me -- positive, healthy, strong, peaceful and happy.

Here's how 2 B U Being true to yourself starts with knowing who you are and accepting yourself; knowing your strengths, passions, limitations and purpose in life and then living that way all the time. You come to know yourself only by living life. Finding what works for you.

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What defines you and makes you whole. Being true to yourself is this simple -- either you live in integrity or you live out of integrity. That's it. In or out. Moment to moment.

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No other choices. No other way to live other than being true to who you are. You choose one course of action.

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One way to be. I love how author and spiritualist Don Miguel Ruiz describes it: "Be impeccable with your word. Gandhi gives us three wise and basic guide lines to live your values: "Be congruent. Be authentic. Be your true self. Joan of Arc was passionate about living your beliefs: "One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. Give yourself permission to be your true self I'm still becoming Michael. You'll know this truth by Shakespeare: "This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.

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True to Herself True to Herself
True to Herself True to Herself
True to Herself True to Herself
True to Herself True to Herself
True to Herself True to Herself
True to Herself True to Herself
True to Herself True to Herself
True to Herself True to Herself

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