The Legendary Triune (1)

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Uldyssian managed to severely weaken Lilith, allowing Inarius to once again banish her to the Void.

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As the nephalem now turned on the Cathedral and Inarius, the High Heavens finally discovered the mortal realm as well. With the Cathedral in ruins and Inarius defeated, [5] Tyrael , reacting against Uldyssian's apparent injustice against Inarius, [1] unleashed the Heavenly Host upon the mortal realm. In turn, the armies of Hell erupted from the ground, and a three-way battle began between the angels, demons, and Edyrem. However, in doing so, he realized that the untamed nephalem energies were threatening to destroy the world.

Thus, he brought the raging energies into himself and released them one last time, the release of said energies resetting the Worldstone and stripping the Edyrem of their abilities, but at the cost of his own being.

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In the end, Uldyssian had chosen humanity over godhood and sacrificed himself so that humanity might survive. In the aftermath of Uldyssian's sacrificed, the Angiris Council and Mephisto convened in order to decide the fate of the mortal realm. Though the Council was torn over a decision whether to spare the mortals or to eradicate them, they eventually voted for Sanctuary's continued existence, Tyrael himself casting the deciding vote, so moved was he by Uldyssian's sacrifice. In exchange for the renegade Inarius, Mephisto proposed a truce: the forces of Hell would no longer interfere on the mortal realm.

Humanity was left to its own devices and left out of the Great Conflict. And, I would argue, it is a war that echoes within each of us to this very day. A condition of Sanctuary's continued existence was a mind wipe of sorts for the surviving Edyrem. They went so far to rename their land as " Kehjistan " as a means to separate themselves from the conflict, and popular sentiment swung in favor of the mages rather than religious bodies, thus heralding the Age of Magic , However, some retained their memories of the war, and stories of the Sin War were passed down through subsequent generations.

Triune: Three as One (Triune, #1)

In turn, the Prime Evils refused to give up from their goal of converting humanity to their cause, and would return to plague the mortal realm in the Dark Exile. The conflict itself was testament to the power that human beings carried within them, and that the Sin War was a conflict that raged in human hearts long after the war itself ended.

The Sin War as is currently presented in Diablo lore stems primarily from its portrayal in The Sin War Trilogy of novels and subsequent lore. Prior to this, the Sin War was treated in a different light. Two key differences are its origins, and indications that the war did not have a genuine end, along with a different timeframe.

Here, it is stated that Heaven and Hell became aware of the mortal realm simultaneously, and that both were content to see what path humanity would take. Hell discovered that mortals responded much more to brute force rather than subtle coercion and so began to terrorize Man into submission.

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Heaven fought to defend humanity against this demonic oppression, but all too often their austere methods and severe punishments succeeded only in alienating those whom they sought to protect. The violent battles of the Sin War occurred very often, but they were seldom witnessed by the prying eyes of Man. Only a few "enlightened" souls were aware of the supernatural beings that walked amongst the huddled masses of humanity.

Powerful mortals arose and accepted the challenge of the Sin War, allying themselves with both sides in the Great Conflict. The legendary deeds of these great mortal warriors served to earn both the respect and hatred of the netherworlds. Although the lesser demons kneeled before those possessing power and strength, they also cursed the very existence of mortal man.

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Many of these fiends believed that the deadlock brought about by the emergence of Man was a perverse offense to their "higher" role in the great scheme of things. It was this state of affairs that led to the Mage Clan Wars. The origin of the war's name was also altered in the trilogy. According to The Realms Beyond as found in the first game in the series , the term "Sin War" was a term used by Diablo to describe the battle for Sanctuary when conversing with Lazarus. In contrast, the Sin War Trilogy and Book of Cain establish that the term was in use long beforehand, not long after the war's end.


The Sin War Trilogy and subsequent lore establish that the Sin War, as an actual event, distinctly came to an end with the pact between Mephisto and the Angiris Council. Prior to this however, the indication was that not only had the Sin War never ended, but had a different timeframe as well:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The deities and legendary creatures of this nature typically fit into one of the following general categories:. No wonder Christianity abolished The Torah.

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Sin War (Event)

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The Legendary Triune (1) The Legendary Triune (1)
The Legendary Triune (1) The Legendary Triune (1)
The Legendary Triune (1) The Legendary Triune (1)
The Legendary Triune (1) The Legendary Triune (1)
The Legendary Triune (1) The Legendary Triune (1)

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