The Justice of Revenge

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Revenge is the act of harming or hurting someone as a punishment for something they have done. The main difference between justice and revenge is their aim; justice aims to right a wrong whereas revenge simply aims to get even. What is Justice? What is Revenge? What is the difference between Justice and Revenge?

What Is the Difference between Revenge and Justice?

Justice is fair treatment and behavior. Justice is always associated with moral rightness, equality , fairness, and ethics. The police will investigate the incident and court of law will take action against the offenders.

Justice is not about retaliating or getting even; it seeks to right a wrong and restore the balance. Moreover, justice or the justice system is always impartial and unbiased; it does not choose one person over the other.

Our Justice System Should Promote Harmony, Not Revenge

Revenge is the act of hurting or harming someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands. Revenge can also be retaliation for a perceived wrong. For example, a thief might want to take revenge from the police officer who arrested him. Revenge is all about getting even. Revenge only makes those on the "playing field" play round 2, even when its not making the wronged righted.

I think revenge is sometimes justified - whether it should be or not - but it is not the same thing. Justice is fair and reasonable and just which is slightly different than justice. Revenge is mostly just anger in action.

What is Justice

The motive and emotion behind each is different which makes them different. I don't believe Vengeance is the same as Justice because they affect the people in completely different ways. Vengeance is about retaliation, justice about restoring balance. It is getting back at people because they might have wronged you.

Vengeance has mostly to do with expressing rage, hatred, or spite. Vengeance is only making the wronged feel better and often leads to violence. It is not punishment or revenge and it is basically the law. There are several key differences between revenge and justice. Revenge is predominately emotional while justice is primarily rational. Revenge is typically about getting even while justice is usually righting a wrong.

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Revenge is usually personal, but justice is impersonal, impartial. Revenge is vindictive, retaliating. Justice is restoring balance. Revenge expresses rage, hatred, spite, it is used to pay back someone for what they did, it is intent on harming someone. Justice is not intended to harm anybody. Revenge is used as a sword, a weapon to harm someone for the sake of getting even, justice, however, is used as a shield to protect yourself or others. Revenge is only temporary and will not satisfy whoever was wronged in the long-run. It may provide short term emotional satisfaction, but revenge is somewhat hypocritical because it lowers the one that was harmed to the level of whoever caused harm.

Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Is revenge ever the same thing as justice? Asked by: Romanii. Revenge is justice provided that it is fair and just. Like Reply Challenge. Maximum words. Posted by: Mr.

What Does Righteous Anger Look Like?

Lee Report Post. Report Post. Like Reply. Posted by: labo Report Post. Revenge is NOT justice, it is usually lawlessness. Posted by: notscared2 Report Post. Posted by: hotepsta Report Post. Posted by: Chiodosxcore Report Post. Posted by: anikacarlson Report Post. Posted by: gavand Report Post. Load More Arguments. Related Opinions Are morals objective?

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The Justice of Revenge The Justice of Revenge
The Justice of Revenge The Justice of Revenge
The Justice of Revenge The Justice of Revenge
The Justice of Revenge The Justice of Revenge
The Justice of Revenge The Justice of Revenge
The Justice of Revenge The Justice of Revenge
The Justice of Revenge The Justice of Revenge

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