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Simple knowledge of nature is not enough. This contrast between nature and the speaker is further promoted by the personification of winter.

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor: Ein Werk ohne Hoffnung (Work Without Hope in German)

In my experience, there is a lot of symbolism in the seasons. Spring tends to symbolize birth and rebirth. Summer is analogous to the prime of life, and autumn corresponds to decline. Winter is often used to symbolize death. Yet here, Winter is optimistic, hopeful, and looking forward to spring and rebirth. The speaker, however, describes himself as without such hope.

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The speaker, because he has no hope, gets no nectar, no sweetness or joy, from it. This lack of hope and joy is perhaps the missing connection between himself and nature. Furthermore, it appears that he does not even consider himself whole, as functioning. As he cannot hold hope, he is not an object, a being.

Jonathan June 6, at PM. Glide rich streams away! With lips unbrightened, wreathless brow, I stroll: And would you learn spells that drowse my soul? Work without hope draws nectar in a sieve, And hope without an object cannot live. That's a really nice poem, I don't think I've read anything by him before.

Feb 23, PM. Lovely poem, and seems very appropriate for this time of year. Pink wrote: "That's a really nice poem, I don't think I've read anything by him before. I was unfamiliar with this one but I do like it. I agree with Heather that it seems appropriate for spring We read him in Italy for English literature in secondary school!!! This last one was one of the poem in The Lyrical Ballads, the "manifesto" of the romantic movement in England, published in by him and Wordsworth together.

I really can't believe any English person hasn't read something by them! It would be as if in Italy we hadn't read Leopardi!!!!!

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Feb 24, AM. LauraT wrote: "Pink wrote: "That's a really nice poem, I don't think I've read anything by him before. A part from the th I think there are lots of English people who haven't.

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Nope I've never read anything by him. Nor for that matter do I remember studying any of the major English poets, no Keats, Byron, or Wordsworth, although maybe I've just blocked them out! Feb 24, PM. I love this poem, a perfect choice for this time of the year. Nice choice Rick.

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  • Feb 25, AM. Prepare to be disillusioned, Laura! I sincerelly think that it's outrageous for every Contry not to know its history, literature, sculpture, paintings, culture in general To live in Italy and never having seen works by Giotto, Michelangelo, Raffaello or Caravaggio is unforgettable.

    You don't have to have a degree fully to appreciate such masterpiece. But schools have to do their job, and they are not As an adult I agree Laura, I think there are many aspects of culture that are not taught in school. Shakespeare of course, but apart from him our literature and art education is very hit and miss. A lot of the time more modern pieces are taught to try and 'engage' with students, but then this misses out the traditional works. Pink wrote: "As an adult I agree In the fisrt year of secondary school of my son he was asked to read About a Boy by Nick Hornby.

    For what purpose, I ask? Water, water everywhere Thanks for sharing this, Leslie, I really like it.

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    Mar 28, PM. The preface was such a fascinating read, so many surprising things in there, such as their observations about incorporating scientific discoveries into art. Not the sort of thing you'd necessarily expect from the Romantics, but Coleridge and Wordsworth were true geniuses - that necessarily involves inconsistency and fire! Oh dear, I've gotten off topic. To anyone who hasn't read it, I highly recommend The Rime of the Ancient Mariner , but be sure to get a copy with the explanatory plot hints added by Coleridge himself.

    They help I think. Now to this poem - what a lovely poem and what a sad poem too, that feeling of all effort slipping through the fingers. The sieve that spills everything out as fast as it goes in. But what loveliness there is in the loss here! Such lushness even as it slips away - the river, the honey. Lost work or not, it almost feels worth it for the experience.

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