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But she has also found unexpected and dangerous love - a love that brought her death and life. Now Dante is on the run and the Gottfried Academy has closed its gates to everyone except for the Undead. There, she feels like an outsider and without Dante, her life is pretty lonely. But when she learns about the Nine Sisters, she begins to have hope again.

The Nine Sisters seem to have found a way to live forever, at least, according to legend. But she must take heed, because there are others out there who are looking for the secret to immortality as well, and they will murder anyone just to achieve their goal. My thoughts: Life Eternal is an exciting sequel and definitely worth reading because it will surprise you and sweep you off your feet. While reading this book I didn't know what will come next and it kept me guessing until the end. Yvonne Woon has again managed to create a fantastic read full of mysteries and intrigue.

And I really wanted her to find a way to be with him because I really like him as a character. I liked that the sequel took place in Montreal because the reader learns interesting things about this city, including its importance regarding Monitors. If you're not a fan of love triangles, then you won't probably like this sequel, but I didn't really mind much. I liked Noah and I loved reading about the two of them trying to find out the secret to eternal life.

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Conclusion: All in all, Life Eternal was a fascinating sequel full of suspense, gothic elements and creepy scenes. If you liked Dead Beautiful then you definitely have to read this one! Rating: 4. View 1 comment. Oct 02, Emma BelleBooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc. I was so excited to get a copy of Life Eternal from NetGalley to review, just after I finished Dead Beautiful as well, talk about perfect timing! I was really excited to read this one as it's not out till February next year in the US and it doesn't have a UK release date yet!

Life Eternal pretty much picks up right where we left Renee in Dead Beautiful, after all the tragic events that happened at Gotfried, the school is now closed to everyone except the Undead. Although ever since Dante gave Renee her soul back, something just hasn't been feeling right to Renee. She still has no appetite, no sense of smell and she looks much older almost overnight. Which is almost impossible with a town full of Monitors! She is also having some strange visions, that seemed to be triggered by her new surroundings.

And as if that wasn't enough to deal with, Renee is still searching for a way of helping Dante prolong what is left of his life. While searching she comes across the legend of the nine sisters, who apparently found a way to cheat death and vowed to take the secret to their graves with them. Eight of the sisters were all murdered, presumably by the Undead. The ninth sister was never named in any documents or ever found. It is this sister Renee decides to try to track down. Firstly, let me just say I loved all the French bits in this book.

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I really used to love French, but it took a bit of a back seat to Spanish while I was a university. So reading all the French names and streets in this book really started to bring everything back to me! I loved the fact that this book was set in an entirely different place from Gotfried. The story itself is full of twists and turns that kept me gripped to the edge of my seat!

I had no clue what was going to happen in this book, every page just seemed full of more and more mystery. I actually read this book in one day, I was completely hooked on it from page one! There are a few new characters in this book, some of them I grew to love as I got to the end of the book. I really liked Noah, he seemed like a really nice boy and if Dante wasn't in the picture I could really picture him and Renee together. The legend of the nine sisters was well planned out, looking back, as the story unfolds you can see that the reader is given a small hint here and there.

At the time you are too wrapped up in the Renee and Dante story that you don't even realise it's a clue until you reach the end of the book! The plot itself is amazing, although very different to that in Dead Beautiful I think that it works well with this new setting. Ugh the ending. I had to go back and read the last few paragraphs three times before I realised there is actually no ending.

The book just stops! I really don't even understand what happened in the last paragraph, it just stopped! Big disappointment to me, but at least I'm pretty sure now that there will be a third book, Yvonne Woon can't just leave it like that. Although I'll probably have to wait till for it Life eternal is the second book in the beautiful dead series by Yvonne Woon, In this instalment we are thrown straight into where we were left off with the main character Renee still unsure where she fits in her world and is unmoveable in her affections for Dante, although at the beginning the action is set at slo KEY POINTS: Romance, Love Triangle, Mystery, Detective, Suspense IN SHORT: This book was a great read; it combined a great 3D mystery with in depth characters and heart stopping action.

Life eternal is the second book in the beautiful dead series by Yvonne Woon, In this instalment we are thrown straight into where we were left off with the main character Renee still unsure where she fits in her world and is unmoveable in her affections for Dante, although at the beginning the action is set at slow burn I feel this helps build the characters depth and helps the audience get a better feel of Renee and her personality, along with helping to understand and feel the interactions with some of the more minor characters such as her granddad.

As we move through the book a subtle but page turning mystery starts to take wing that allows the audience to discover the clues right along with the main character Renee, we also get a deeper view of her and Dante relationship where the audience are turned to root for the couple as the author explores the issues within the pairing. At this point in the book we are introduced into some past characters and new characters which will play key roles later on, one particularly interesting character is Noah, although I liked this character very much I was never quite sure what his agenda was, whether he was truly just an enthusiastic friend was up for fun or if he truly loved Renee and was a big rival for Dante, this created excitement and an audience involvement as the reader will inevitable choose to root for certain parings.

The reader is also left feeling worried and curious about weather this character will appear in the third book due to his role in the twist in the last chapter. There is also the classic girl rival in the character clementine who tries to beat Renee in Academics, status and Affection for Noah. Even though I found her abrasive at first as the author delved into the past of this new character I found myself actually like her more and hoping we might see her again in the third book.

The end of this book left me breathless as the action and the mystery build up to it final stages, at this point the reader has followed ever clue along with characters and are desperate to find out the treasure that is buried underneath that will either save the characters or kill them. Here the author creates one last twist that the audience will not expect leaving them breathless and wanting more. Feb 28, rehathebookghoul rated it really liked it.

I read Dead Beautiful few years ago, and i remember how much i enjoyed reading it. Second book in the series Life Eternal did not disappoint me either. Story is well written, its neither stretched nor plain, kind where you don't wish for 2 more chapters or less. They love each other unconditionally but also see each others flaws. They have their unique supernatural dating problems but also every day couple issues.

Reason i gave this book 4 star and n I read Dead Beautiful few years ago, and i remember how much i enjoyed reading it. Reason i gave this book 4 star and not 5 is that when a writer is introducing new characters which were completely missing in the first one they rush things a little bit, number of coincidences increases. Two people come face to face again and again when least expected. These encounters gives reader a reality check, that what they are reading is a Fiction after all.

I for one don't like these reminders. Chemistry of Noah and Renee was difficult to connect with, their story grows but you don't connect with their emotions. Overall, it was a good read for me. If you enjoyed Beautiful Creatures and Raven Boys then i hope you will enjoy this one as well.

Oct 20, Jessica rated it really liked it. Jul 04, Amber rated it really liked it Shelves: , ebooks , netgalley. Rating Clarification: 4. To save a soul? To be with your soul mate for eternity? Life Eternal is the 2nd book in the Dead Beautiful series. Once I was able to open up completely to the story, I found myself fascinated. What took me so long! I love when a story has mystery and unexpected twists. There were moments in the book where I rea Rating Clarification: 4.

There were moments in the book where I realized I had blurry wet eyes. But what could I say? The idea of a soul mate. My heart went out to Renee. When her grandfather sends her to Montreal, Canada to attend Lycee St. I became suspicious of all the characters in this book because I never knew who had an agenda or what their motives were. Renee is like a virus among the students there.

They think she is a freak and say she is immortal, but she does develop new friendships eventually, and they prove to be helpful, useful and a little more. Of course there has to be the snotty little bitch that everyone just despises and hates in the story as well. Clementine holds nothing back and makes life difficult for Renee. There is so much information in this book. There were a few spots that I got caught up on with a slight confusion but it quickly became clear and I just kept reading on.

Beware of the ending! I will definitely be reading the next book. Overall, I really liked this story. It was haunting, slightly dark and convincing. View all 6 comments. Life Eternal Review on K-Books So, I finished this book like literally five minutes ago so you will have to excuse me if this review is a little all over the place but I can barely think straight right now let alone write down my feelings towards this book.

If I had to describe this book in a one word it would be WOW! This book completely blew me away. Renee is desperate to find a way for her and her soul-mate Dante to be together, but as she starts to unravel the mystery that may save them both sh Life Eternal Review on K-Books So, I finished this book like literally five minutes ago so you will have to excuse me if this review is a little all over the place but I can barely think straight right now let alone write down my feelings towards this book. Renee is desperate to find a way for her and her soul-mate Dante to be together, but as she starts to unravel the mystery that may save them both she puts her life in danger.

Will she be able to survive long enough to find out a way for them to be together? I really loved the first book in this series Dead Beautiful. I think it was a fantastic start to a series and I couldn't really fathom how Yvonne was going to beat the first book. But boy did she do it. I didn't think I would like this book more than the first one but I did. It is a million times better than the first book and I seriously could not put it down. I devoured this book in one day and I am left reeling needing the third instalment now.

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The one thing I thought I wouldn't like about this book is that there isn't very much of Dante in this book as they got separated at the end of the first. I love Dante, he is such a fantastic character and I was really sad to find that there wasn't very much of him in this book.

Obsidian Shards: an Obsidian and Blood Short Story - Aliette de Bodard

However, I see that it is all for the better. I love Renee, and I love what she goes through throughout this book. How she doubts her feelings and whether she is doing the right thing and I think this is just something that she needed to go through. Noah, ::sigh Usually when a second male romantic interest comes into the second book in a series I get a little annoyed, however that didn't happen in this book. I loved Noah. He is so sweet and as much as I love Dante the more I read this book the more I started to love Noah and by the end couldn't really decide who I wanted Renee to be with.

Well until Dante came back into it and then I completely switched back to Team Dante. This book is one of the best zombie books I have ever read. I'm not actually sure if they are classed as zombie books but to me it is. It's a glamourous zombie, called the Undead. This is probably my favourite zombie series of all time and I love so many zombie books. It's just fantastic and Yvonne blows you away with her writing and sucks you into the story so much I was unaware of anything else going on around me.

All I could focus on was the story. One this Yvonne is an expert at is torturing her readers. I cannot believe how she ended this book. I was turning the page going Noooooo, it can't end there I need more. I am so excited for the next book in this series, which will also be the final one and I am very excited to see how it all ends. This is just one of those books that you will be left thinking about days after finishing it.

I loved every moment of it and I'm actually really sad that I read it so quickly. This series is a must-read for everyone. Nov 26, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: great-read , mythology. Are you kidding me?! A cliffhanger?! I'm done. My heart stopped beating when I turned the last page. I will become an Undead now. Warning: Spoiler Alert If you want to read a spooky, mysterious and somehow dark book full of suspense and yet beautiful and romantic: Go for it.

One of her teachers from the Gottfried Academy is killed. Her Are you kidding me?! She makes new friends but also new enemies while she tries to find a solution for Dante and herself and at the same time meet Dante in the town without put both of them in danger. With her visions she gets closer and closer to the solution of the problem and she is more and more suspicious about Dante The plot is still very original.

The idea of the Monitors, who can put the Undead to "rest", and the Undead, zombified young adults who died before the age of 21 and have not much time to find their souls and bring them back, is amazing. Moreover, the author entangles the whole story more and more. The smallest things play a big role now, even a detail cannot be missed anymore. It is like a big puzzle and you slowly discover more and more pieces of it but do not know in what order to put them.

Everything the characters do makes sense, they are likeable and have an authenthical development during the first and second book. The new characters Noah and Anya seem very special for me, but nevertheless you simply have to like them and their originalities. The story is written very fluent and detailed.

You see the town, the characters and the surroundings all around you, like if you are inside the story. The style captures you until you are one of the mysterious characters in this even more mysterious world so if you are searching for something less fanatic and typical like another "Twilight" you should pick the "Dead Beautiful" series. It is orinigal, with paranormal elements. Is is full of suspence and it is a book for a rainy or snowy or just a calm evening that you will not be able to put away and after finishing it you do not feel empty inside.

You feel like you learned something and understood something for and about life. I love this book. I simply love it. Sep 16, Dainy rated it it was amazing. To start at the end - Yvonne is the master of cliffhanger endings! She did it at the end of Dead Beautiful, and it's even more cliffhanger-y in Life Eternal! The last chapter is a buildup of action upon action, suspense and mystery, with terror and danger climbing and magnifying, until you're holding your breath and waiting to see what happens, and then something happens - and then it's the last sentence.

And you turn the page. And that's it. And now wait for the third book! But who died? And who's the good guy? And did they get it? And what does it mean? We'll have to wait and see. As for the rest of the book - it's amazing as well. The one thing that bothered me was that Renee trusted her new friends too quickly and shared sensitive information with them too readily, but that was pretty much necessary to get the plot moving. Her new friends are quirky and fun, even with all the darkness going on, and I love the way each one helps her with different parts of her investigation.

It definitely doesn't get boring! The mystery is woven really intricately, and unfolds slowly as the story progresses. Both mysteries, I should say - the mystery of the Nine Sisters and the mystery of Dante. Renee's confusion about Dante feels raw and real, and her sense of betrayal screams out from the page. And she follows the clues that the ninth sister left, and finally figures out what it all means, the way a girl who is confused but determined would. But the mystery itself - there are layers upon layers that Yvonne reveals through little snippets, like teacher's asides in the classroom, chance meetings, Renee's making connection between things It all ties together, slowly, steadily.

I love Renee's relationships with her friends. Her relationship with Dante is not as beautiful as it was in Dead Beautiful, it's more painful and confusing, but her friends give her that lighthearted side instead. Anya and Noah are both very different from each other, which gives Renee different views of the situation, as I mentioned.

It also brings out different parts of her personality that we didn't see in Dead Beautiful either. As a potential romantic interest, Noah is great. He's a little suspect at first, and I didn't like him right away, but I warmed up to him eventually and even though I'm still rooting for Dante, I felt glad that Renee had comfort from Noah. One of my surprise favourite books of last year was 'Dead Beautiful' by Yvonne Woon and ever since I read it I've been eagerly anticipating the sequel.

No surprises then for guessing that I curled up with this book as soon as it arrived and didn't move for the rest of the night. Renee is now a monitor capable of sensing the Undead but has been changed forever by the kiss she received from Dante which gave her back her soul. When Gottfried Academy is closed to all by the Undead, she's transferred One of my surprise favourite books of last year was 'Dead Beautiful' by Yvonne Woon and ever since I read it I've been eagerly anticipating the sequel.

Clement in Montreal. Separated from Dante and from her old life, she becomes determined to unravel the secret of the Nine Sisters which she believes may hold the key to her and Dante's future. Having read the first book in the trilogy quite a long time ago, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't remember all the important plot points.

Luckily there's a handy recap near the beginning and I very quickly picked up all the threads of the story and was soon engrossed in Renee's journey. I enjoyed the change in setting from the confines of the Academy to a whole new school with lots of new faces. There's some interesting characters including Anya, who becomes a friend of Renee and has a secret talent, along with Clementine, who is immensely jealous of Renee's talents and not to forget the very cute Noah who she becomes close to.

Although the introduction of Noah made me initially groan slightly at yet another love triangle, he really did grow on me quickly and I found myself liking him more and more. The ending had me screaming in frustration and I can't believe I'll probably have to wait yet another year for the concluding part.

I don't think I can hold out that long! This book will definitely appeal to fans of paranormal romance and to those that enjoyed the first in the series. Life, death and love collide to create a fascinating and brilliant story from the talented Yvonne Woon. I can't wait to see how it is all going to end. I never realised how much I loved mystery books until now, and it is awesome! Renee was still awesome as before in the first book and maybe even a little bit better, as this book was amazingly even better.

The book is too riddiculously long for me to note everything that happens so here is a gist. From the beginning. Renee gets visions or rather premonitions through out the book, which only later finds out she was actually seeing through Dante's eyes on what he has been up to. Due to Gottfried shutting down she has been transferred to the sister school which was St.

Clements in Montreal where she befriends Anya and Noah. After an Monitoring exam, Renee becomes Top Rank at her new school already and of course the bitch Clementine who just happened to be Noah's girlfriend and daughter to headmaster absolutely hates her guts. Moving on, during a class Renee hears about the Ile de Soeurs The Nine Sisters a group of young women who have found the Life Eternal, basically immortality.

Renee thinks of this as a solution to her's and Dante's little problem, it turns out Dante has already thought of it a while ago like ages and ages before even Renee's parents died, but doesn't tell her until she gets a vision at the end that tells her this as well as Dante has been looking out for her the WHOLE time leaving her messages in Latin.

As I said there is TOO many things going on with this book I couldn't write down on all what had happened, I don't even think what I said above made any sense lol just too much going on my mind about this book! I couldn't put it down, even during dinner I was reading it, I even brought it out running with me! It was just tooo darn good. I can't wait till next year for it to come out!

May 21, Danny rated it liked it Shelves: imm-sept1. While I was reluctant to start Dead Beautiful - I really liked it in the end! After the happenings in Dead Beautiful her old schools closes and she has to attend to a new school in Montreal that is only for Monitors and not for the Undead. New school, new friends , new mysteries! While I liked the chance of scenery, I truly missed the abs While I was reluctant to start Dead Beautiful - I really liked it in the end! While I liked the chance of scenery, I truly missed the absence of the Undead and especially of Dante.

Like in her previous school, she makes new friends and also new enemies. This seems to be impossible, yet both would never give up hope to finally be together with their one and only true soul mate. There were riddles to follow, secrets to uncover and some twist I didn't expect. What I didn't like was that the story has so many loose ends that weren't pulled together at the end and I feel like I was left hanging in the air I bit too much. There were many small story lines that weren't brought to an end that leaves me confused about their significance for the story, or the lack thereof.

Maybe they are all to build up for the next book, but I cannot close the book and be satisfied.

In Life Eternal the relation between them changed so much and I missed the loving connection between them so much. Altogether I feel like the books builds up for the next one and while I enjoyed the secrets and mysteries a lot I feel like there are too many loose ends right now. Aug 27, Katy rated it really liked it.

No, no, no! The book couldn't have ended there! What a frustrating way to end the book, because now I have to wait for the actual book not the ARC before the next one even comes out! The book didn't start as well as I had wanted it to. Renee was really mopey and pathetic, and I wasn't sure I wanted to keep reading it. Yes, she's without her love, but I really wanted to shake her and tell her to stop feeling sorry for herself. I wa No, no, no! I was really worried that it would be one of those books the the first was an amazing book and the author would try so hard to make a sequel that it would have been better if they had left it with just the first book.

But maybe a third of the way through, I realized why she was such a depressing character, and I understood it more, although I still didn't like it that she was. I think if the sad part ended a lot earlier, you don't risk your readers losing interest. But once it starting moving along, it wasn't hard to stay hooked as the characters started unraveling the mystery. Renee started becoming the character we all knew and loved, and it does make the story more interesting that there's a new hottie involved.

I was a little disappointed we didn't see more of the best friend Eleanor or Anya and I would have liked to see more of Anya since she develops into an important character in the book. Maybe the author was trying to keep her mysterious. Please please please tell the actual book will have a different ending than the ARC. I actually had to read the last chapter again because everything happened so fast, and it ended so abruptly.

I was like "Wait, that's it?!?! Sep 03, Bhavya rated it it was ok. The extra star is for the concept; which, of course, here is ruined potential. Seventeen year old Renee Winters must transfer to a Montreal school exclusively for those training to kill the Undead, while unraveling a long buried secret that may be the key to saving Dante Berlin, her Undead soulmate.

What a gorgeous cover! Spoiler alert that gave me nightmares — undead children. Just putting that out there. If the thought of zombie children trying to steal your soul is enough to put you off reading, you may want to skip this volume. However, I urge you heavily to read it anyway, because it really is better than the first. The pace is slow at first but really ramps up once Renee gets to her new school in Montreal, where we learn more about not only what really happened with Dante at the end of the first book, but her summer in between the ending of the last book and the beginning of this one.

One small problem I did have was the pseudo-love triangle with Noah, but I see why Woon did it, so I can forgive her for it. In order to create more conflict with Dante, the Liberium, and the Undead in general not to mention with Clementine , Noah had to be used to create a pseudo-love triangle with the very lonely Renee. It was also nice to see more of her uncertainty here, too, along with being bullied — or, maybe I should put it as not instantly popular at her new school compared to her old one.

Renee grew leaps and bounds and all because of the pressure Woon put on her here. View all 3 comments. Feb 13, Deborah rated it it was amazing Shelves: death-and-dying , woman-writer , french-connection , latest-reads , paranormal , fantasy-scifi , reviewer-book , ya-novel. I can see it is coming from a cold and snow-encrusted region, the canary in a cage is an interesting image, and the stony arch denotes an entry into an aged place.

Otherwise, the girl is just pretty and we aren't sure how she relates to the title. Love the font used and the proper placement of title and author, as well as the designation that this is one in the series of the Dead Beautiful novels. The black scroll and lettering against the white and pale blue background is beautiful. It's the talent of a good author that draws you in to want to read more about her main character.

It's the capability of a gifted author that makes a character come to life such that the reader almost believes she's in that character's skin! And, it's the genius of an author that plots a story from fantasy and couches it in a real world setting, then makes you believe it could actually happen! Yvonne Woon is an author of awesome talents just like these. She had me captivated with interest in her characters right from the beginning. I enjoyed this story about "monitors," people born with the talent to sense death or the undead It's a central bone of contention in this book of the series, as is Renee and Dante's quest to keep themselves and their love alive.

Rich in detail and characterization, in a make-believe world in Maine and Montreal that actually seems possible at times, and in the depth of loving relationships between friends and family, this book is a very good read. I love fantasy, paranormals like this one! The ghoulish isn't made into too much a farse, it's made to feel close to real, and I love that.

And, as an aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Woon's references to the intellectual: libraries, book stacks, professorial types and such. Yummy reading highlights for a bookaholic If you're looking for an engaging, suspense read on the paranormal side with some kindly, intelligent figures and a very good storyline, this book is for you. Yvonne Woon is a snappy writer, young and upbeat with a smooth sense of dialog and a way with words.

Her introduction of the Nine Sisters adds a welcomed depth to her series. It's great fun to read her book.

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    According to QuestBusters , "anyone completely burned out on the 'seek and slay' scenario should look elsewhere," but " Phantasie fans who found Wizard's Crown too complex will appreciate this one, which combines the best elements of each - easily making it SSI's best game since the original Phantasie. The graphics were considered well-done, even in monochrome , but the reviewer felt leveling in the later part of the game went far too slowly. The game, however, did not became a classic title.

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    As you re-enter the room, an old man who you recognize is standing near the dead body of Siriadne. His face shows a mixture of serenity and contentment. He speaks: 'The true springtime shall now return to Ymros because of what you have done today.

    Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1) Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1)
    Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1) Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1)
    Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1) Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1)
    Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1) Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1)
    Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1) Shards of Life (Eternal Book 1)

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