The Good Guys

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But the prevailing view is that the West is essentially a force for good in the wider world.

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David Cromwell digs beneath standard accounts of crucial issues such as foreign policy, climate change and the constant struggle between state-corporate power and genuine democracy. The powerful evidence-based analysis of current affairs is leavened by some of the formative experiences that led the author to question the basic myth of Western benevolence: from schoolroom experiments in democracy, exposure to radical ideas at home, and a mercy mission while at sea; to an unexpected encounter with former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, the struggles to publish hard-hitting journalism, and the founding of Media Lens in Media Lens's editors David Cromwell and David Edwards have over the years become important analysts of the corporate media's failure to meaningfully engage with the real world of greed, mendacity, destructive economic and financial practices, relentless environmental destruction and constant mounting of illegal wars.

He also includes many exchanges with mainstream media journalists which never cease to amaze me. Why Are We the Good Guys?

The Good Guys

It examines the construction of neoliberal societies from all angles - economical, political, philosophical, social etc - and lays it bare. The analysis of how these societies are propped up by a complicit media is brilliant. Once you've read this book, you'll be an expert in arguing the case for a different way of structuring society against anyone who argues in defence of the current system! Tweeting about the book: 'Brilliant antidote to the pro-war propaganda we're subject to.

I struggled with this book review.

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I struggled to find something to disagree with or to suggest an improvement. This is a tremendously comprehensive review of all the ways in which mainstream Western media distort our view of reality in the key context of foreign affairs. With a particular emphasis on the Middle East but with good historical depth rooting understanding in US policy after World War II, Cromwell does an excellent job of organising a wide range of evidence, neglected by our media, yet fundamental to any meaningful understanding of our deeply embedded bad faith. This is an ideal introduction for any reader and, also, is a very useful source for students in schools, colleges and universities.

I found one! David Cromwell has pride of place in this company.

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Cromwell displays his unbending commitment to follow the facts wherever they lead. Asks the questions about OUR leaders that polite society and the mainstream media will not go near. An indispensable tool of intellectual self defence. They commit terror; we seek to create stability. Our enemies are inhuman; we, only too human, occasionally demonstrate our fallibility. David Cromwell brilliantly exposes the daily lies our media feed us to reassure us that we are a force for good in the world, while our governments, militaries and corporations are free to rape and pillage weaker nations and the planet.

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This book is an invaluable antidote to the conditioning that all those living in the west are constantly subjected to. This book brilliantly exposes the extent of media disinformation, and does so in a compelling and engaging way. David Cromwell knows that media power works by acting on consciousness; by shaping our individual sense of values, identity and belonging to normalise the mores of the powerful.

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The Good Guys The Good Guys
The Good Guys The Good Guys
The Good Guys The Good Guys
The Good Guys The Good Guys
The Good Guys The Good Guys
The Good Guys The Good Guys
The Good Guys The Good Guys
The Good Guys The Good Guys

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