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Strange restrictions

There is a wealth of data on successful people leaving jurisdictions such as California and New York that have confiscatory tax systems.

And there's also lots of evidence of taxpayers escaping countries controlled by politicians who get too greedy. Saverin is just the latest example. If people are leaving America because our tax law is onerous, that's a signal we should reform the tax code.

How to escape the online spies

Attacking those who expatriate is the fiscal version of blaming the victim. I've written about this issue before, particularly in the context of Obama's class-warfare policies leading to an increase in the number of Americans "voting with their feet" for places with less punitive tax regimes. And I suspect, based on the overseas Americans I meet, that there are several people who quietly go "off the grid" for every person who officially expatriates. The statists say these people are "tax traitors" and "economic Benedict Arnolds," but those views are based on a quasi-totalitarian ideology that assumes government has some sort of permanent claim on people's economic output.

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Daniel J. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin It is very sad that America's tax system is so onerous that some rich people feel they have no choice but to give up U. FB , renounced his U. Saverin, 30, joins a growing number of people giving up U. Renouncing citizenship is an option chosen by increasing numbers of Americans.

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A record 1, gave up their U. Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire co- founder of Facebook Inc.

Turning these features off can make Google services less smart, but you might consider that a price worth paying. This brings up a timeline showing all of your searches, webpage visits, Android app activity and so forth.

'Facebook refugees' chart escape from Syria on cell phones

Be warned, though, this archive can be huge: the default settings include all the emails in your Gmail account, and any videos you may have uploaded to YouTube. If you want to limit the information you share with Google in the future, the easiest way is simply to use it less. For example, try the privacy-focused search engine at duckduckgo.

The company insists that this information is only used to improve Windows, but it can still feel like a violation. There are a few settings you might particularly want to check.

Zuck Truck

One feature of Windows 10 that may be cause for concern is the way it tracks everything you type — yes, everything — and shares it with Microsoft. You can also manage the information that Microsoft already knows about you by visiting the Privacy Dashboard at account. While not strictly a privacy issue, another controversial aspect of Windows 10 is the inclusion of ads in the user interface.

But there are a hell of a lot of companies out there keeping tabs on your online activity. The motivation normally comes down to filthy lucre — tracking your interests helps them push relevant ads your way, and to be fair you might prefer those to irrelevant ones.

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The only problem with this system is that compliance is completely optional, so websites that want to follow you still can. Another thing you can do is visit youradchoices. You can disable individual cookies, or turn off all behavioural advertising with a single click. However, this can cause problems if, for example, a site uses embedded content from elsewhere on the web.

A safer option is to use a tool such as Ghostery ; this free browser extension can block tracking cookies from more than 4, companies, while letting you selectively enable cross-site content. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Internet The Observer. Reuse this content.

Escape from Facebook Escape from Facebook
Escape from Facebook Escape from Facebook
Escape from Facebook Escape from Facebook
Escape from Facebook Escape from Facebook
Escape from Facebook Escape from Facebook
Escape from Facebook Escape from Facebook
Escape from Facebook Escape from Facebook
Escape from Facebook Escape from Facebook

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