The Complex Religion of Teens

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Others feel that they have been born and raised in a particular religion and are unwilling or unable to change it. Different people have different experiences with their religion. In the following reflections, teenagers share parts of their religious experiences. In the Bible, in the Torah, there are commandments.

They involve everything from how you treat other people, to Jewish holidays and how we observe them, and the Sabbath, which is every week, and how we observe that.

Teens on Religion

There are also a lot of dietary laws. The dietary laws say we can only eat certain kinds of meat that are killed and prepared in a certain way.

The Complex Religion of Teens by Roger Dudley

My parents like to remind me of this funny story. One time when I was two, we were driving past a Burger King. No burgers for Jewish people. It was always something that was part of me.

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I recognized that it was important. We set the Sabbath aside as a day of rest because God rested on the seventh day after creating the world. It really separates the day out from the rest of the week. I spend a lot of time with my family—from Friday night at sundown until Saturday night. I go to prayers at my synagogue in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. It makes it more of an important day.

Teens Navigate Their Own Paths When it Comes to Religion

Like all the school plays are on Friday nights. I have to give up trying out for school plays. And sports—I used to play softball. But I look at it as a more positive experience. Often, the way individuals relate to and practice a religion changes over the course of their lives. Maham, age 19, explains how her Muslim faith and practice has changed as she has grown older:. When I was fifteen, I was really super-religious actually. Closing thoughts. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"?

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Tags What are tags? Add a tag. Public Private login e. But some research indicates that the prosocial advantages of a religious upbringing may be less about the presence of religion itself, and more about how religious you are. You can get good grades, be happy, exercise, and cooperate with others without religion, too. Another factor to weigh when it comes to religion is how it affects family dynamics.

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  • Most organized religions advocate for loving and healthy relationships between parents, siblings, and extended family members. Religious institutions also offer formal support systems for families, especially those in need. And the activities organized by these institutions offer families a chance to bond, spend time together, and be a part of the same community—from volunteer trips to bake sales and potlucks.

    In a study published in the American Sociological Review, Pearce and her colleague William Axinn studied white, mostly Christian families from Detroit using data from the Intergenerational Panel Study of Mothers and Children, and followed them for 23 years. They found that mothers who attend religious services regularly, with or without their kids, reported more positive relationships with their children over time.

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    When parents value religion more than their teens do, adolescents tend to report poorer relations with parents.

    The Complex Religion of Teens The Complex Religion of Teens
    The Complex Religion of Teens The Complex Religion of Teens
    The Complex Religion of Teens The Complex Religion of Teens
    The Complex Religion of Teens The Complex Religion of Teens
    The Complex Religion of Teens The Complex Religion of Teens

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