Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky

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I am frequently in touch with the Dems in my state to demand more in ROI and to stop handing businesses those tax subsidies. These companies always take the money and run. No company makes it to 35 these days unless they are a blue chip Wall Street biggie. Count on it. Republican Generosity Himself is handing to this single corporation. Where does it state in the Constitution that taxpayers must be the sole support of red states and their relic industries and of these filthy profitable corporations who have it all figured out that they can still collect tons in subsidies for hiring part-time only.

Eleanore, Eleanore, what a pathetic response to my post. Instead of giving the reasons for this big defeat for the GOP you try to hide the fact you have none. Do you really believe the GOP will lose the House?? Why the GOP will do well is pretty simple. His name is Barack Obama. What the American people have found is a man that is untrustworthy, a liar, incapable of running the country. Millennials have walked away, majority of independents disapprove of his job performance, college grads see him as a failure, etc..

Lets talk the real world now. Polls show his job performance disapproval at Yes, he is not on the ballot but his past actions are. What will hang heavy around the democrats running for office like an anchor are the economy, the 24 million either unemployed, underemployed or have quit looking.


The very sluggish growth. A participation rate going down not up. The VA scandal that he promise to improve but got worse. What is probably the main reason your forecast will be wrong is the Enthusiasm of the right and independents and the lack of on the left. Will the Senate turn to GOP??

Sen. Rand Paul: Keeping My Commitment to Always Put Kentucky First

If polls are true at this moment the dems have lost 3 seats for sure out of 8. But, again time will tell. They are realizing it is not the answer. Women will not vote for any more of your right wing, narrow minded, gender biased GOP loonies who try to ram their religious views and the cost of their Viagra down our throats.

Reason No. BS is BS.. But for many Americans, the biggest laugh is that you fool yourselves into thinking your ideology is the ONLY right one. Oh really? Show us then how Reagan managed a 2nd term recession. Try again Joi Boi…you pathetic attempts at proving your loser party has a chance to win any elections in the foreseeable future is your own weak mental state. Thanks again for the chuckle. You seem to think all women believe what you believe.

So you are one of those Prohibition progressives, which by the way failed miserably. Well to your original comment about mid-terms, which you seem to want to ignore. He is still a poor leader. What happened in will happen in , maybe not as dramatic, but it will happen, more losses for the dems. Obama administration is a albatross around the neck of the Democratic party. I was born into an all male family, had an ex just like you with that plantation mentality that women should be dependent, pregnant and stupid, 2 sons and the icing on the cake..

I worked in the all male dominated field of engineering. Try again Joi Boi. Your plantation mentality platitudes on what women think is so off the beam, you make a fool of yourself even attempting to open your male dominator mouth. I am certain you can only attract golddiggers who check out your annual income first before they commit or else you go for the coy, cutesy types with triple EEE bras sizes and double zero brain power.

Thanks for another post to chuckle at. What I do know is how little you really know. Disagreement is not the option in your eyes. In your eyes it is with or against us. Thankfully the rest of American is not so narrow minded. Obama is and will always be an Albatross around the neck of democratic party. It is all about him.

I disagree when the disagreement is borne of common decency, tolerance and intelligence. Reddies like you are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled asses who fought for attention in Daycare and now fight for attention as adults. You need proof of the Tea Party failing in mid terms? Take a good look at how many in the earliest voting districts have already voted against radical minds like yours.

No one minds radical ideas.. Change is what we want. With you or without you.. Preferably, without you. This is the icon you righties brought on yourselves. Try again penis brain. Thanks for those wonderful words and thoughts for they have given me so much laughter. In fact, I am sadden knowing you are one hateful and pathetic person. Your posts prove who and what you are. More than you even realize.

Not that you will. Your kind are miserable failures at everything you attempt because your narrow views are your weakest links to any possible success at anything in this life. Time for lil Mikey to grow up. My God you crack me up. You have to be one of the classiest women ever, Not!!! What fun to read your stupid and insipid comments. Looks like your progressive friends passed an ill-conceived law that they never read and had no idea what was in. Ta Ta. I have more class in my pinky finger than you have in your entire body.

My Progressive friends pass laws. Your Conservatives only freeload like you. Your Conservatives love to withhold funding in every state but their own. What kind of BS do you call that? The trouble with a penis brain like you is that you think with the wrong end of your body. Get a life loser.

You think you have class with your garbage mouth, now that is funny!!!! I see another shoe has dropped on Obamacare today. More problems with website and verification. Just another nail in the coffin for Obamacare, a ill-conceived, unread law, passed by one party. Keep your stupid and insipid comments coming, they make my day. Your kind always trash the truth in favor of your lies and deceptions. When men like you try to dump more medical bankruptcies on the rest of us so you can profit handsomely from the sick and dying, will it take sticking forks up your butts before you get it?

You are one hateful little Mcturd. I see you are still having moments of delusion, compounded by stupid and insipid comments. Hell, people who think and have to tell people they have class are lying to themselves. The only ones deluded are the right wing penis brains. All pieces of legislation have always had flaws. Then if you are so self-assured, why are you in a liberal blog bullying people that were actually having on-topic discussion. Yeah, I already know. How precious that you are just so much more important than everyone else. Has it ever occurred to you that America is tired of arrogant, self-important bullies like you?

I like that Eleanore knows that you are just a vicious little failure of a McJob holder. Something very satisfying about that knowledge. Are you talking about the law that Bush passed on Dec. And now you guys want to punish the little kids. Yes thank God that only republicans are narrowly minded.

What is really wild is that you think you no more about people then themselves. You know mikey, even if you do win, the way you maggots are squirming to screw over the bulk of the populace, it will only be the worse for you in Your party, if it can be dignified as being one, will be dead in less than ten years.

So keep screwing America. Every time you do, you accelerate your own demise. Where do you get some of these fantasies? Think of how green every garden in the country would be with some of what mikey has been peddling. The Mikey Generation only know two words. Claims that only a boasting idiot-fool would even have bothered to post. That in itself is a true miracle…..

Rand Paul: I don't support Trump having Congress's constitutional power

My guess is that he had a shadow writer do it for him. Not only someone to write it for him, but someone to create the ideas to go into the essay. Perry, like GWB and the half-guv of Alaska, is not what one would call and intellectual or deep thinker. He blamed everyone else for it, until some journalists reminded him that it was his speech, at which time he, reluctantly, took responsibility for the decision. That embarrassing episode could have been worse, he could have blamed a Lt. If we could just install our own hand picked strong benevolent leaders in foreign countries many of the world conflicts would just melt away.

We have a long and glorious history of helping foreigners that way with the likes of the Pahlavis, Somozas, Pinochet, Rios Montt, the list is endless. A true puzzlement, is it not? We obliged. We need to cut them off as long as Netanyahu is leader. NOT because we were worried about WMD that Hussein allegedly had, in of themselves, or that we needed to topple Hussein, that was an excuse used to justify a failed decision. Cheney should be behind bars for this abomination rather than showing his weasel ass on FOX News. The man has no conscience or heart and has even less character. You are right, but I am disappointed that they did not ask for further proof.

I watched Colin Powel give his presentation to the U. Rand Paul will have to defend the fact that he represents a deadbeat state that is one of the taker states of the south. Cutting starts at home and Paul has done nothing to slow the bad habits of his own state. Seems he has turned a blind eye to the state that he represents, one with polluted rivers, piles of coal slag, and miners with black lung disease. All funds he wants to cut are consumed by his native state in record proportions.

I guarantee the latter. I say that the next time politicians start talking about military intervention, we should make them put one of their kids or grandkids in the military so they can be on the front lines. Otherwise any thing the politician says is so much bs. I agree. I say, because he had marching orders from Ariel Sharon. I am impressed with Rand Paul. Wars make a few people rich. Therefore: there are people who promote wars. His greed is talking war again. Wake up America. Rand Paul vs. There is more : Cheney was CEO for Halliburton, a job he got of political connections while he was not at all qualified for it.

He traded with Iran despite sanctions. He dodged draft 5 times but said US must send others to Vietnam to fight. He appointed himself as VP and with a pack of lies attacked Iraq. Now we are paying the price. Now he is collecting pension from all of us. It is a reward for disservice to the nation. He should be given a dishonorable discharge and stripped of his pension. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Memo Pad Politics. Cynthia Tucker Haynes July 19, Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr Want more political news and analysis? Share this Previous Article. Next Article. Independent1 July 19, Not only have they proven that above all things they love money, by constantly striving to pass legislation that favors the rich, rather than the poor as Jesus commanded; they also favor starting wars at the drop of a hat, based on virtually any contrived excuse; despite the fact that according to the apostle Matthew, Jesus uttered the following words as recorded in chapter 5 of his gospel: Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Jesus described those religions with these words recorded in Matthew 7: 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Dominick Vila July 19, Eleanore Whitaker July 19, Paul was one of 22 senators to sign a letter [] to President Donald Trump urging the President to have the United States withdraw from the Paris Agreement in May R-TN and Sen.

President Trump opposed the bill, pointing out that relations with Russia were already "at an all-time and dangerous low". He did, however, sign the bill though likely out of political pressure. On September 5, the Trump administration announced the intended rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. In tweets responding to the act, Paul stated the executive order that created DACA was illegal and congressional bipartisanship was needed to solve or fix the program.

Paul confirmed in an October interview he would not vote for the Republican budget in the Senate unless billions in spending were removed from the plan: "If leadership is unwilling to compromise with somebody who is concerned about the debt, then they deserve to lose. In February , Republican Senators introduced immigration framework akin to that proposed by President Trump and with his support that called for a 25 billion being provided for border security in exchange for a pathway to citizenship for 1. On March 2, after marching to the House of Representatives side of Capital Hill, Paul was filmed knocking on a door while demanding to see their copy of the replacing and repealing the Affordable Care Act bill.

Two days later, Paul said Republicans were united in repealing the Affordable Care Act, but divided in their stances on its replacement. After the bill was pulled by Republican leaders from a vote, Paul released a statement on March 24 thanking House conservatives for rebelling "against ObamaCare Lite. Paul told reporters on June 15 that he was willing to vote for a partial repeal, but not the implementation of new Republican entitlement programs, which he identified as present in both House and Senate versions of the bill.

On September 19, Paul asserted the Graham-Cassidy bill as immortalizing the Affordable Care Act and "a big government boondoggle of a trillion dollars of spending" that Republicans should abandon in favor of pursuing measures that would allow for health insurance to be purchased across state lines. Paul said that Romney's criticism of Trump's character was bad for the country and for the Republican Party.

Paul was considered a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States since at least January This prompted some pundits to call that date the start of the Republican primaries. Paul went on to win the straw poll for the next two years as well, leading to some considering Paul to be a front runner for the nomination, although CPAC attendees are typically considered younger and more libertarian-minded than average Republican voters.

To do so, he said it cannot be the party of "fat cats, rich people and Wall Street" and that the conservative movement has never been about rich people or privilege, "we are the middle class", he said. Paul also said that conservatives must present a message of justice and concern for the unemployed and be against government surveillance to attract new people to the movement, including the young, Hispanics, and blacks. During the election, Paul launched a social media campaign titled "Hillary's Losers" which was meant to highlight many of the Democratic candidates that lost their bids for the U.

Senate despite endorsements from Hillary Clinton. Clinton was also a candidate for President and eventually won the Democratic Party's nomination , going on to lose to Donald Trump in the general election. Paul began to assemble his campaign team, setting up campaign offices and hiring his campaign manager in the beginning of , fueling speculation that he was preparing to enter the Presidential race. In April , Paul filed to run for re-election to his Senate seat in Paul spent his own campaign money in the legislative elections, helping Republican candidates for the State House in the hopes of flipping the chamber, thus allowing the legislature to pass the bill Democratic Governor Steve Beshear 's veto can be overridden with a simple majority.

Senator or continue a potential bid for President. Paul announced the suspension of his presidential campaign on February 3, , shortly after the Iowa caucus, where he finished 5th of the 12 Republicans in the race.

Rand Paul: Americans Will Be ‘Shocked’ to Know What Biden’s Son Was Up To

A supporter of the Tea Party movement , [] [] Paul has described himself as a "constitutional conservative". He supports term limits , a balanced budget amendment , and the Read the Bills Act , in addition to the widespread reduction of federal spending and taxation. Paul has said that same-sex marriage "offends [himself] and a lot of people" on a personal level, and said there is a "crisis that allows people to think there would be some other sorts of marriage.

Paul is uncertain regarding the causes behind global warming ; he believes the scientific opinion on climate change is "not conclusive. Paul said the grant was "not science" but "propagandizing". Paul has criticized mandatory minimums for drug crimes, which he believes have led to unreasonably harsh sentences for repeat offenders. Paul does not believe in legalizing the recreational use of drugs like marijuana and cocaine, [] but does not support jailing marijuana users.

Paul opposes all forms of gun control as a violation of Second Amendment rights, including provisions of the Patriot Act. Provisions of the bill include restricting the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency and other Federal agencies to "impinge upon states' power over land and water use. Unlike his more stridently "non-interventionist" father, Paul concedes a role for American armed forces abroad, including permanent foreign military bases. Paul then supported airstrikes against ISIS, but questioned the constitutionality of Obama's unilateral actions without a clear congressional mandate.

On February 2, , Paul generated controversy by suggesting that states should not require parents to vaccinate their children, because parents should have the freedom to make that decision for their children. I think they are a good thing, but I think the parent should have some input. The state doesn't own your children. Parents own the children, and it is an issue of freedom. In , Paul was one of the first members of Congress to come out in opposition to United States support for the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.

Paul, like father, has also been a critic of neoconservatism , [] and urged Trump to not choose prominent neoconservative Elliott Abrams to serve as Deputy Secretary of State. On June 12, , U.

Rand Paul: I don&#;t support Trump having Congress&#;s constitutional power

The bill was opposed only by Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. During the Republican primary in the presidential election, Paul was highly critical of Trump. In June , Paul criticized Trump's administration for escalating tensions with Iran.

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I think an Iran war would be even a bigger mistake than the Iraq War. They and their three sons reside in Bowling Green, Kentucky. On November 3, , Paul was assaulted by a neighbor, Rene Boucher then aged 59 , a retired anesthesiologist. Paul, who is deaf in one ear, [] was wearing noise-cancelling headphones while mowing his lawn, enabling Boucher to blindside Paul. Paul sustained five broken ribs, of which three were displaced fractures. Voter records from March showed Boucher registered as a Democrat, but his attorney, Matthew Baker, said there was no political motivation for the assault, descripting it as "a very regrettable dispute between two neighbors over a matter that most people would regard as trivial".

Boucher was originally charged in Kentucky state court, [] but was later charged in federal court, where he ultimately pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of Congress. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American politician, ophthalmologist, and United States Senator from Kentucky. Not to be confused with Ron Paul or Paul Rand. Serving with Mitch McConnell. Kelley Ashby m. Main article: United States Senate election in Kentucky, Main article: Rand Paul presidential campaign. Further information: Republican Party presidential primaries. See also: United States Senate election in Kentucky, Main article: Political positions of Rand Paul.

Biography portal Kentucky portal Politics portal. Lexington Herald-Leader. Retrieved December 16, Politics Daily. Retrieved January 31, The Courier-Journal. Louisville, Kentucky. Retrieved February 23, Cato Institute. Retrieved February 8, Given father Ron's libertarian convictions, people often assume that he is named after the self-styled 'radical for capitalism' who wrote Atlas Shrugged.

The New York Times. Retrieved June 6, Retrieved December 12, Louisville Magazine. Retrieved December 30, Dorrance Publishing. August 3, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Retrieved February 12, He and his wife decided to settle in the southeastern Texan town of Lake Jackson, near the site of his military service. For a period, Paul was the only obstetrician in Brazoria County, and he delivered as many as 50 babies a month. The Washington Post. National Review. The New Yorker. Retrieved October 8, Retrieved January 27, Retrieved February 27, Retrieved February 13, Retrieved September 10, Retrieved July 2, Retrieved March 6, Archived from the original on January 7, Retrieved March 12, Associated Press.

January 21, Archived from the original on May 25, Retrieved April 4, Park City Daily News. Retrieved August 15, February 1, Retrieved April 9, Retrieved March 22, CBS News. Retrieved October 18, Fox News Channel. June 14, Kentucky Secretary of State. Retrieved February 5, October 14, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved November 3, April 16, April 13, Kentucky Post.

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Covington, Kentucky. Recognized by Kentucky Taxpayers United were Sens. Rand Paul: Upcoming Events". Ron Paul Archived from the original on January 23, Retrieved December 20, Ron Paul, R-Texas, stands a good chance in N. Bowling Green Daily News. February 12, Washington Times. Rand Paul 'stole' NSA lawsuit". Retrieved March 5, Retrieved April 18, Roll Call. Retrieved August 19, Rand Paul".

Retrieved March 20, Los Angeles Times. March 11, March 21, Pediatrics Week. May 1, Archived from the original on May 29, Senate Bid Retrieved May 19, Retrieved August 5, CQ Politics. Retrieved August 7, Archived from the original on August 9, August 22, Trey" , kentuckyfight. The Guardian. Retrieved November 26, Senate Seat". WFPL radio. Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved May 20, Senate race". Sunlight Foundation. Archived from the original on July 23, All Things Considered. May 19, Archived from the original on May 27, May 20, The Huffington Post.

The McClatchy Company. Retrieved January 29, January 28, Rand Paul rolls out budget ax". January 25, The Washington Examiner.


Archived from the original on May 11, ABC News. Retrieved March 24, Retrieved February 17, Retrieved May 26, Archived from the original on July 18, Retrieved March 4, Public Broadcasting Service. Retrieved April 14, Retrieved August 3, Human Events. Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved September 8, Retrieved October 28, Retrieved October 4, June 7, There does not seem to be a lot of room for negotiating when Republicans say they refuse to look at increasing taxes and then blame the President for doing what they have instructed him to do.

Let us remember that increasing the debt ceiling does not allow for more spending, but it only makes it possible to pay the debts that have already been agreed upon, by both parties, to pay. At this point, everyone who is paying attention is aware that the Koch Brothers are spending a fortune to oppress the workers of Wisconsin as they pay to bus in supporters for Scott Walker.

Now, we also have to worry about more corporate money supporting the sell out of Wisconsin. You just had to know that Rove would rear his ugly head in all of this. The good news is we can do something. We can support a recall of these greedy Republicans. Click here to take action. Enter your email address to subscribe to Social Justice For All and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Working towards global equity and equality. Social Justice For All. About My Links. Tag Archives: Karl Rove. Share me:. Like this: Like Loading Join other followers Sign me up!

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Lgbtq , Social Justice , Feminism.

Rand Paul, the Dishonorable  Junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky
Rand Paul, the Dishonorable  Junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky
Rand Paul, the Dishonorable  Junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky
Rand Paul, the Dishonorable  Junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky
Rand Paul, the Dishonorable  Junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky
Rand Paul, the Dishonorable  Junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky
Rand Paul, the Dishonorable  Junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky
Rand Paul, the Dishonorable  Junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky

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